Visiting Vicenza

How to turn your business trip into pleasure

Considering its geographical position, in the very heart of the Veneto and central compared to Verona, Padua, Venice and Treviso, Vicenza offers a multitude of occasions to meet up, especially thanks to the many events in the exhibition ground.

It would however be reductive to merely see it as a business city, considering the many ideas it provokes, perfect for even a relaxing weekend away or more generally as a nice place to stay.

Piazza dei Signori

The drawing room of the city, home to the Basilica Palladiana with its white loggias that shelter the Vicentini as they mingle.

The Olimpico Theatre

Palladio’s final effort was inaugurated during Carnival in 1585. A masterpiece of Classicism, it is the world’s first example of a wood-covered theatre. Concerts and theatre shows are held here every year from spring until autumn.

Palazzo Chiericati Art Gallery

Outside, it is stunning for the beauty of its classical loggias, but inside you can enjoy the view of some great treasures: Memling, Montagna, Veronese, Sansovino, Tiepolo.

Sanctuary of Monte Berico

An extremely enchanting place, from the hill of the same name it dominates the entire city and is home to some invaluable works of art, such as the canvases of Montagna and Maganza.

UNESCO World Heritage

Andrea Palladio’s legacy is simply incomparable, an integral part of the city’s fame. Twenty-three town buildings and 24 villas in the surrounding area have been listed UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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